Lost Tribes of Israel


There have been searching for this a long time.  There are also different point of views regarding America.  I just happen to believe God when He said there would be lots of them even though many went into captivity does not say them all.  There were those that believe the words of God and the prophets.

I have been trying to figure out these menus, I never really paid much attention to them before.  I am not concerned about the other sites as much as this one site.  Of course when I searched the net for things most all christians seemed to follow the rapture theory.  When I joined a forum in 2015 or maybe 2016 is when I found there were other stands even though I didn’t pay to much attention then.. visit now and then the end times category.

This site I had found way back and of all this man did I liked his article regarding the tribes in America.  Have visited his site from time to time and want to post here his article called:


The other site is regarding the 13 colonies

These do have to do with the son’s of Jacob Israel.  They are all over the world, we knew this by even mentions in the Gospels as in the ones coming to find Yeshua at His birth.  I would bet they represented nations.

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Yohannan and Mattay the only two chosen disciples that wrote. First Book Hope To Be Those Two. Yeshua sent out by two. We don't even know the Messiah's name...do as He said and did... Father is His name.

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