Circumcise heart and meat

Circumcise heart and meat I was tired yesterday so took well a nap but slept…got up close to 10 pm had not fed the pups even their dinner. So fed pups cleaned them and all went back to bed…I got up couldn’t sleep. Yesterday a lot of thoughts about the Muslims and searching, wishing I… Continue reading Circumcise heart and meat

A Comment on myself

Well good morning…  Tis a year to get more focused for me… not worry so much about past crap.  I asked questions always as had a desire to know some people could really care less.  Kinda obvious with no comments or email.  So will work in an area everyone hates Messiah.  He even told people… Continue reading A Comment on myself

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Muslims Isa Al-Masih Truth Yeshua is Isa

Muslims Isa Al-Masih Truth Yeshua is Isa  Muslims and Christians do error View in Aramaic Isa’s words for the two disciples that walked with Isa. That has all you really need for salvation. Book of Yohannan and Book of Mattai Yeshua’s (Isa) disciples.  Abraham spoke Aramaic the same language of Yeshua (Isa).  Mohmoud was a… Continue reading Muslims Isa Al-Masih Truth Yeshua is Isa


Editing of several Aramaic texts are being done as many dialects. Some editing has been done on this particular text but even this will change. Why I am putting it up is because you were to freely give..that done online and this person didn’t even do this. Hard copies sold, so he might have had… Continue reading Untitled

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Well we know the Hebrew to English is wrong they had NO  J  and to my knowledge they don’t sound alike at all.  So would Jehovah..truly be Yehovah?  Yahovah?  So why is the name so important.  Power in the NAME.  So it doesn’t matter what language you are, if you don’t say the name right… Continue reading POWER OF THE NAME

Set Backs

Set Backs To the Aramaic Translation There are several set backs, I even added new ones to Matthew as I even question the name Yeshua because I wanted Him to check me it had been ages I looked at this. Moses had a different name he called his minister. I thought I looked and same… Continue reading Set Backs