English From Aramaic

English From Aramaic Gospels of Yohannan and Mattay

I do have in different places thing regarding getting this book and different things I found. I when given truth refuse to go backwards absolutely refuse. You can talk till you are blue in the face as the expression goes.. I refuse don’t waste your breath on me.

First got the PDF free download, but would just use it on his site..I did not download it immediately. Then did. October of 2020. Then Father give me a heart for first them Jehovah’s witness group…I posted on that forum the same day I had asked son’s to get a site for me launched. I believe that date was 10-28-2020. I designed the site even all the text etc. and even paid them 500.00 for basically the site and extra 2 link tab menu. I had downloaded the Bible given free.. and asked son to make directory for it a link from my site too. That stopped fast. Found errors..so things getting messed with at mt site.. I had my own downloaded copy on my computer.. but would just click the link at the website instead to bring it up. It was getting screwed with.. I knew cause I know Yeshua’s words and would check my Bible. So internet was attacking it…to destroy truth I was trying to get out. I made hidden never published to son’s and here younger was one with task found earlier.. he saw my not posted comment and removed it immediately. So I went and put the original link I got from there. Plus kept finding more errors within the text. The only people could even know it is being F’d (number 6) human..we are evil, is someone that knows the words of Yeshua. I raise my hand. Right one to Father for blessing me with truth..but if He had of mentioned the battle I might have suggested giving it to someone else..I just couldn’t find a scripture to take to court.

Well I will add some links to other posts on blogspot in the menu but I have even added more questions to Matthew as people do not question the stuff I notice within the Old Testament. I am questioning the name itself Yeshua.. I will get into why and what I brought up to Him but they used the peshitta.org ..I found others.. word and the reason it is so absolutely important now to me and we have to find and test truth of is because there is ONLY 1 NAME UNDER HEAVEN. So I don’t care what language you speak..One name is one name..learn proper name.. that is the name with power…NO OTHER.

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Yohannan and Mattay the only two chosen disciples that wrote. First Book Hope To Be Those Two. Yeshua sent out by two. We don't even know the Messiah's name...do as He said and did... Father is His name.

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