Well we know the Hebrew to English is wrong they had NO  J  and to my knowledge they don’t sound alike at all.  So would Jehovah..truly be Yehovah?  Yahovah?  So why is the name so important.  Power in the NAME.  So it doesn’t matter what language you are, if you don’t say the name right… Continue reading POWER OF THE NAME

Set Backs

Set Backs To the Aramaic Translation There are several set backs, I even added new ones to Matthew as I even question the name Yeshua because I wanted Him to check me it had been ages I looked at this. Moses had a different name he called his minister. I thought I looked and same… Continue reading Set Backs

1Year 1 Day

A Year It Has Been I noticed my first post, and happened to find the story about how and when I got things. My computer messed with so much I could not go by the file dates I had. I found where I had copied and pasted it on my blogspot sites (this a shut… Continue reading 1Year 1 Day